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  • Professional 750 Blender with WildSide+ Blending Jar (also referred to a pitcher). A premium blender that is designed for use as either built into countertop for custom designed kitchens or just stand on the kitchen counter.
  • Maximize kitchen counter space. Experience seamless kitchen custom design with a built into kitchen counter design. The Pro 750, is a premium high-powered custom design friendly blender, that lets you place it in counter or on it.
  • The Blendtec 750 blending control interface. Modern, easy to use, understand and clean control touch pad. Loaded with six preprogrammed presets for super convenient perfect blends. Starting from left: 
1. Batters  2. Mixed Drinks 3. Smoothie 4. Frozen Treats 5. Whole Juice  6. Hot Soup. Top left is manual speed control ("-" and "+" ) and top right is the pulse button, which gives bursts of high speed whenever you need just a tad more.

Blendtec Professional 750 IN-Counter & ON-Counter Blender

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Product Description

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Customizable Blendtec Professional 750 gives you both an In-Counter and On-Counter Blender All-In-One! Choose to install in-counter for amazing space savings and just put unit back into base for use on the On-Counter.  Simply and perfectly adapting to use where you want.  No compromise! Get commercial grade power, advanced features, and amazing versatility home chefs and foodies need to make every creation a masterpiece.

The Blendtec Professional 750 also referred to as “The Ultimate Custom Blender”, provides you the ultimate mix in premium blending power, performance and freedom to place into your countertop for incredible space savings and convenience. If you are looking for high performance blending and space saving in-counter freedom, this model has got it covered.

Custom kitchen gourmet chefs, multi-taskers and foodies alike, delight in the Professional 750. Loaded with commercial grade power that handles the toughest blend ingredients with ease. Feature rich with six preprogrammed cycles for set and forget perfect blends every time and push button free style manual speed selection control.

Transform your health, tantalize your taste buds, and complete the look of your custom kitchen style.

Premium features include: flexible built in-counter design and reconvert to top-counter blender, along with 3.0 peak horsepower motor, illuminated one-touch, push button interface, 6-preprogrammed cycles, 10- Speeds + Pulse, illuminated display indicates remaining blending time count, and superior industry leading 8-year warranty.

How Will It Benefit You?

CUSTOMABILITY: It is nicknamed “The Ultimate Custom Blender” for good reason. It is incredibly versatile so you can use in-counter or on-counter with ease. The perfect solution for those wishing to have a built into counter blender for their custom styled kitchen. After built in set up, you can still enjoy complete freedom to easily use on counters anytime as well. Simply retrieve and carry the intact 750 whenever there is an inclination (ex: friends party) to do so.

POWER: 3.0 peak horsepower (13 amps, 120 volts), has all the power you need for tougher blend tasks like ice, frozen fruits and raw hard vegetables. Paired with a solid good weight of blender (11 pounds) for stability.

EASE OF USE: 750 Pro Blender Control Touch PadIntuitive easy to understand icons and easy to see via the smooth illuminated one touch push button interface control pad.

  • For freestyle manual use, simple tap the push button control in top left of your control pad, for your choice of 10 speeds or a pulse option (top right), which deliver a bursts of higher speed.
  • Six tap and go most popular preprogrammed cycles (also called "presets"). You can use presets flexibly for just about any recipe. Each task cycle pairs the right speeds and duration giving you the perfect blend every time. Presets include:
    1. Batters - sauces, dips, dressings, batters
    2. Mixed Drinks - mixed drinks, milkshakes, crush ice, 
    3. Smoothie  - fruit smoothies, green smoothies, milkshakes
    4. Frozen Treats - ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets,
    5. Whole Juice - juices, green drinks,
    6. Hot Soup - soups, hot chocolate, syrups, fondues.

EASY TO CLEAN: Easy to clean inside and out.

  • Insider jars, just add water, dish liquid, blend, and rinse. If sticky, hand wash safely with dish soap and sponge. Hands can safely touch and clean around the blunted blade.
  • Outside, just damp wipe the blender base and illuminated push button interface. No messy plunger ever used to clean.

SAFE: Blendtec blenders share safety in their smart design. Including the following.

  • BPA Free jars/ containers
  • Blunted blade – not sharp at all (safer and more effective than old style of sharp blades)
  • Vented jar lids, called Gripper Lids. They allow hot steam pressure escape when making hot blends like hot soup safely. Super convenient as well.

PEACE OF MIND: Blendtec’s Industry leading 8-year warranty on all parts, wear and tear of blender and included jar.

Bottom Line - Is this the best blender for you?

The Blendtec Professional 750 is a custom kitchen owners wish come true for an inventive space saving, sleek in-counter blender design without compromising on power or performance. Equally suitable for traditional on-counter use, or as the perfect finishing touch to any custom kitchen with the modern in-counter design.

Loaded with power, precision speed controls and convenience, featuring six pre-set cycles, that makes the perfect blends to make anything from healthy and delicious smoothies, whole juice, batters, frozen treats, hot soups and mixed drinks like margaritas and ice cappuccinos.

Easily an excellent choice for any custom kitchen that wants a world class premium blender.

Features / Specifications

  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated one-touch, push-button interface
  • 6 preprogrammed cycles
  • 10 speeds + Pulse
  • BPA-free jar with vented Gripper™ lid
  • Easy to Clean Design
  • Beautiful Design - On top of the counter or built into it,
  • Artfully Engineered
  • Blunted blending blade safe to clean
  • 8-year warranty (longest and most comprehensive in the industry).
  • Molded stand, cast metal base
  • Colors: Black
  • Dimensions: 6.4" wide x 16.2" tall x 8.3" deep

Package Includes

  • Professional 750 motor base
  • BPA-free jar with vented Gripper™ lid
  • Blending 101 quick-start guide and recipes





Product Videos

Why Blendtec? Blenders are our Passion! 01:15

Our purpose in life is to enrich and make lives better by creating The Worlds Most Advanced Blender. Our Made in the USA blenders are backed up with our industry leading warranty and an amazing customer service group. "Feed Your Passion" *The WildSide jar is no longer available for purchase. Please check out our new and improved WildSide+ jar:

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  • Why Blendtec?
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Warranty Information

8-Year Warranty

Other Details

Countertop or In-Counter
Illuminated one-touch, push-button interface
Speed Settings:
10 speeds
Preprogrammed cycles:
6 preprogrammed cycles + Pulse
Timed Cycles 60 Seconds— hot soup, bread dough:
Timed Cycles 90 Seconds— hot soup, bread dough:
Clean — automatic cleaning cycle:
Pulse — used to quickly stir, chop, or mince at a high speed:
Smoothie — Fruit smoothies, green smoothies, milkshakes:
Whole Juice — juices, green drinks:
Ice Cream — ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets:
Hot Soup — soups, hot chocolate, syrups, fondues:
Dips — Salsa, dressings, dips, sauces, batters:
Batters — sauces, dips, dressings, batters:
Mixed Drinks — mixed drinks, milkshakes, crush ice:
+10 — adds 10 seconds to your preprogrammed cycles:
Molded stand, cast metal base
3.0 peak horsepower motor
1560 Watts
15 amps, 120 volts
6.25" wide x 16" tall x 8.25" deep
11 lbs

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