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  • Silver centrifugal pulp ejecting continuous juicer. Made of a heavy duty stainless steel contruction AND Cast Metal Housing 
With Chrome Finish. Extra Large "Mega Mouth" circular Feed Chute.  Has two speed options: high (11,000 RPM) and low (9,000 RPM) durable design has heavy duty stainless steel blade and basket.
  • The Silver OMG500S with hard produce and fruit for juicing
  • OMG500S with juicing produce: apples, orange, kiwi and yellow pepper. Demonstrates two whole apples in feed chute - no cutting food preparation needed.
  • Whole apple placed in the 3 inch diameter Mega Mouth Feed Chute. Top down view.
  • OMG500S, view of stainless steel micro blades in centrifugal basket, as well as view of large pulp collector bin. Collector bin enables continuous juicing.
  • Not assembled view of the OMG500S. Parts include: base (with motor and controls), pulp collector bin, top, feed chute, stainless steel bowl containing micro blades and plunger for feed chute.

Omega Mega Mouth OMG500S Juicer


Product Description

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Omega Mega Mouth OMG500S Juicer - Omegas newest high speed, continuous juicing, pulp ejector. Enjoy superior large 3” feed chute and less prep work. Gets you more juice in less time.

The new OMG500S gives a huge advantage thanks to the extra large “Mega Mouth” sized feed chute that allows you to feed and powerfully process larger portions of produce up to 3” diameter. With the larger feed capacity, even whole fruit like apples, pears, beets and other produce up to 3” wide, can be dropped in, making your juicing sessions faster, easier and more convenient.

The Good

  • Less food prep work so you can get to make your juice faster! The OMG500S, is capable of juicing many types of large fruits and vegetables without the need to prep cut smaller. If produce is larger than the large 3” diameter feed chute, just cut into large pieces that fit into the generous sized feed chute.
  • Can optimize softer produce juice yields by combining with harder / firmer produce and alternate feeding of soft followed by harder produce. (Soft produce examples: tomatoes, grapes and peaches. Hard produce examples: carrots, celery and beets)
  • Has two speed settings optimized for different types of produce. A “turbo” speed setting (11,000 RPM), for harder fruits and vegetables (ex: apples, carrots and celery) and a “low” setting (9,000 RPM), for softer produce (ex: watermelon, and peeled oranges).
  • Dishwasher friendly. Stainless steel parts can be placed in the dishwasher. Plastic parts (ex: back pulp receptacle container) may be placed in the top rack (providing water is not very hot)
  • Strong and durable surgical stainless steel blade, basket and bowl
  • Higher juice yields than slow cold press juicers when juicing hard produce
  • Powerful and fast juicing, thanks to ½ HP motor and up to 11,000 RPM's.
  • Easy to use, assemble and disassemble
  • Designed for high capacity juicing
  • Cheaper than slow juicers
  • UL listed for household use

The Bad

  • Has only a 3-year warranty. Warranty duration is not as long as Omega's 4000 Centrifugal Pulp Ejecting Juicer which is 15 years (longest in the industry). However, warranty duration is longer than many other popular juicers in same price category that only offer one year or less.
  • Higher RPM's (inherent to centrifugal juice extracting) results in higher oxidation in juice
  • Lower juice yields than slow cold press juicers when juicing softer produce or leafy greens
  • Loud

How will it benefit you?

  • Fast – makes maximum amount of juice in less time
  • Easy– to assemble, disassemble, operate and clean
  • High yielding – Excels at harder produce such as: apples, beets, carrots
  • Small Footprint – Compact design
  • Attractive design – Polished surgical stainless steel complimented, with dark see through lid, black accent parts and silver base
  • Assurance – 3 Year warranty 

Bottom Line

For those seeking all the benefits of pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers, the OMG500S is the premium choice in this category style and type. It offers the latest technology by Omega’s engineers, delivering higher juice yields, along with faster and easier juice creation. Juicing time is minimized thanks to the larger feed chute and its’ superior capabilities to process larger sized portions of produce, accommodating even whole fruit up to 3” width can be juiced whole. Overall, if you are clear that centrifugal pulp ejecting juicing matches your needs, preferences and what you intend to juice most often, and want to get the highest performer in this category, then this may well be the best juicer for you.

However, if your juicing intentions are to juice leafy greens or wheatgrass more so than hard produce, then you may want to consider looking at slow cold press juice extractors for higher juice yields and lower oxidation. Categories include:

  • Vertical Single Gear
  • Horizontal Single Gear
  • Horizontal Twin Gear


Note: The OMG500S model replaces the former big mouth centrifugal model called: Omega Mega Mouth BMJ330.

Is this Right for Me?

When it comes to selecting the right juicer, there is no one universal juicer that juices all fruit and vegetables equally the same. The different styles and category of juicers are optimized for some tasks more than others, so knowing what you want to juice most often, helps you find the best juicer to match your juicing intentions.

Also consider, for some persons that make juicing a part of their lifestyle, and value getting the most cost effective and nutritious juice per pound of produce, purchasing different juicers for different produce juicing is the preferred choice.

Get Clear!

Different types of juice extraction methods shine at different juicing tasks. To be clear you are selecting the best centrifual pulp ejecting juicer that is most right for you, compare this with other centrifugal pulp ejectors, by viewing the following: Compare this Omega OMG500S vs other Continuous Juicing / Pulp Ejector Centrifugal Juicers

If you are not sure what category of juicers is optimal for you, get clear on types, styles and categories now. It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Check out the Juicer Buying Guide Now









Warranty Information

3 Years

Other Details

Juicer Type:
High Speed Juicer
Juicer Style:
Juicer Category:
Pulp Ejection
Manufacturer Generation Level:
Omega's 2nd Generation Wide Mouth Centrifugal Pulp Ejector
Rotational Speed:
Dual Speed: High (11,000 RPM) / Low (9,000 RPM)
3 Years
Noise Level:
Ease of Cleanup:
Very Easy
Juice Quality:
Juice Optimum Shelf Life:
24 Hours
Continuous Juicing:
1/2 HP Motor
350 Watts
12.5” W x 8” D x 15” H (318mm W x 203mm D x 381mm H)
11lb / 5kg
Feed Chute Shape and Size:
Circle (3" Dia.)

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