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High-Powered Blending FAQ

Here are some of the top Frequently Asked Questions about High Powered Blending. If you have a question not listed here, please contact us.

  1. What is the difference between a high-powered blender and a regular blender?
    Technically a high-power blender has more power and speed to rotate its blade compared to other blender appliances. Most household blenders are typically 500 to 750 watts, anything greater could be referred to as high powered. However, most blenders that are marketed as high-powered blenders, have power specifications more than 1000 watts, and higher values are marketed as better with more capabilities than an ordinary blender.

    Examples of premium high-powered / high-speed blender models

    1. Blendtec Blenders: Motor: 1560 to 1800 watts
    2. Vitamix Ascent Series: Motor: 1440 watts
    3. Ninja Professional, Motor: 1100-Watts.
  2. How does a high-powered blending benefit me?
    The higher power and RPMs make blending Easier, Faster, and can blend more types of challenging blend ingredients than an average powered kitchen blender or immersion blender. The higher power and speed enable doing blend tasks that are simply too difficult or impossible for lower powered blending equipment. For example, one of the most challenging ingredients for a blender to do is ice, frozen fruit & vegetables. These ingredients are common to making the most popular blended food: SMOOTHIES!  Bottom line, if you want to make smoothies and or other challenging ingredient blends and it is important to have it done well (smooth), with ease and efficiency, then you will appreciate the difference and experience you’d get with high powered blending.
  3. Why is high powered blending easier?
    It is easier, because there is less need for food prep time and strategizing how to make it lower power / lower speed blender friendly. Consider for example a lowered powered blender with a task to blend the challenging ingredients in a collard green smoothie with some frozen mango, banana and berries. To attempt this, you may need to cut ingredients like the frozen mango cubes into smaller pieces, cut the frozen banana small slices and dice your collard greens, to help it blend and /or modify the recipe by adding more liquid as well. All this prepping adds up to less ease and more work to get the blend done.
  4. Why is high powered blending faster?
    It is faster, for two reasons.
    • Reason One: Less time required to prepare foods for blending. I know we just covered this with ease, but it applies to the fastness as well. With a high-powered blender, ingredients can be put in larger and often whole (skin, seeds and all if you like) with much less food prep time.
    • Reason Two: The high-powered motor can rotate its blade in tougher blends, and at a faster rotation, also referred to as: Rotations Per Minute (RPM). This means it gets the blending work done faster.
  5. What does a high-powered blender do that your average blender cannot?
    Typically, a high-powered blender is a premium product and will be designed with better quality materials, technology, features, functions as well as blade and blending jar that are superior to the lesser powered / lower speed types. These other components of the blender play a part in overall performance. However just from the perspective of the higher power and higher speed technical specification, it can blend more challenging ingredients and recipes.

    Consider the following examples.

    • Blend Hot Soups without a stove – High power + high speed = hot smooth blends like soups, sauces and gravies made right in the blender jar.  No need to transfer to a stove top.  Although preprogrammed buttons are not needed, some high powered / high speed blending models offer extra functionality such as preprogrammed cycles, which may include a soup blend cycle so that you can blend your hot soups while attending to other things in your kitchen.  So, if your yearning to enjoy some fresh hot blender soup recipes, or other hot blends that you can make completely in your blender, a high-powered blending appliance may be a better choice for you.
    • Blend Cold Frozen Treats in Seconds – With a high-powered blender you can make ice cream, fruit sorbet and other frozen recipes. Frozen ingredients are one of the most challenging ingredients that requires power to blend and speed to get it done fast. This means it gives you the option of a soft serve ice cream straight from your blender and you are not limited to the type that is made with less challenging ingredients, that is a liquid blend which must be transferred to your freezer for a few hours or so to set.
    • Takes the role of other kitchen appliances by doing things like: Grind Coffee, Seeds and Spices, aswell as mill grains into flours, powders and more.
    • Blends the extra thick and challenging smooth -  There are tasks that require more power and speed to get the blend recipe done. If you want a blend done super fast and smooth and it has challenging ingredients, then high powered blending may be the only option, or at least if it is to be done well. Think extra thick blends like nut butters, humus, batters and dough or even just that smoothie bowl recipe loaded thick with tasty healthy goodness. Bottom line, if you want to be blending anything challenging, done better, smoother and faster, a high speed / high powered blender is the appliance of choice.
  6. Can I get a high-powered blender with glass jar?
    No. Premium manufacturers of high speed / high power blender manufacturers like Blendtec and Vitamix, choose not to offer glass jar containers. And show no intention to offer it in the future. Instead both use a strong, light, poly material called Eastman Tritan copolyester – a clear, durable plastic. The safety of the blender jar material has been reviewed independently and approved safe by regulatory agencies such as: Health Canada, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, European Food Safety Authority, China’s Ministry of Health and Japan’s Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association.
  7. What is the best high-powered blender for 2018?
    The answer is it depends. Simply put, the best blender for you may not be the same as your friends or family. Why? This is because among the top premium quality brands and latest models there are differences in design, features, function, colour finish (to suit your kitchen and or personal style) and price that will make one more suitable for your needs and preferences. 

    • To quickly see top differences in design and realize what your preferences are, check out this Blender Buyers Guide.
    • Also, if you seek only the best in the blender industry leaders are the Blendtec and Vitamix blenders.