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Juicer Buying Guide



Picking the Best Juicer to Buy as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and Pick!

There are a variety of juicing systems to consider that will extract using a different method.

Finding the best juicer for your needs and use, will not be the same as others. There is not just one juicer that is the best juicing solution for everything. When asked what is the best juicer? The answer is, “It depends!” It depends on you and what you will be juicing and most often (ex: type of fruits/ vegetables, greens, wheatgrass), quantity output needs, as well as your nutrition goals with juicing (ex priority on nutrition density and enzyme richness), attribute preferences such as ease of cleaning, ease of use, and/ or need for quite operation and more.

In the following, learn how picking the right juicer for you can be as easy as 1- 2- 3. (Learn – Identify – Compare and then Pick!)

Step 1: Learn About Juice Making

LEARN about Juicing
There are different methods to extracting juice. Learn about each extracting method and the associated pros and cons for different juice extraction methods and systems.


Step 2: Identify Which System is Best for You

IDENTIFY Preferred System
Get a clear view of different juicing systems for features, functionality, and suitability with each extracting juice method (system) from various fruits, vegetables and wheat grass. Identify which type of juicing system method you prefer and why.


Step 3: Compare Juicing Systems

COMPARE Top Preferred Juicers
From last step you got an idea of what juicing system style and category is closest to your needs and wants. Here you can now get clarity of actual products. Open links to review a comparison of juicing system products within your style / category.  


Step 4: Pick The Best Juicer that is Right for You!

PICK the Right juicer for You
After comparing products in Step 3, you will have been able to narrow what you want and what will best serve you. Likely you are ready for the last step to Pick the Best Juicer for You!

If you have questions, contact us via chat, phone or email.

Ready to get started on finding the best juicer for you? Great! Proceed to the "Step 1: Learn" section now. Click here>>



  1. Overview - Juicer Buying Guide
  2. Learn (about Types of Electronic Juicing Systems)
  3. Identify (your Juicing Requirements and Preferences in a juicer)
  4. Compare Juicers (compare products in the type of juicing system that is the closest match to likes/preferences and requirements. view comparisons of top products for relevant systems. now find the best juicer that is right for you).