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Compare Juicers

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Once you have narrowed it down to what type of system or juicing method is right for your Juicing needs, wants and preferences, it gets easier. Now you know what type of system, next step is compare the top juicers in that system category so you can PICK THE BEST JUICER for you.



arrow-bullet-red-solid.gifSTYLE: Masticating  > CATEGORY: Horizontal Single Gear

If you intend to juice more leafy greens, than fruits and love the wide array of additional functionality common to this style (such as the making of your own pasta) and love fresh minimal oxygen (oxidation) for more nutrition and longer shelf life.

Comparison of difference between Omega NC900HD / NC800 HDR / NC800HDC vs J808C / J800S vs J8006 / J8004 vs J8005 / J8003

NC900HDS / NC800HDR / NC800HDC vs 808C / 8007S vs 8006/8004 vs 8005 / 8003


 New Omega Cube 300s Juicer System. Expected to be available soon for sale in CanadaNEWEST HORIZONTAL JUICER
Omega CUBE300S Silver Juice Cube


STYLE: Masticating  > CATEGORY: Vertical Single Gear

If you intend to make a wide variety of juice extracts from produce and  leafy greens and love high yields, low RPM nutrient density benefits and space efficiency, then one of these vertical could be just right for you.

Compare differences between Omega VRT350HD, VRT350W, VRT400HDS and VSJ843 Vertical Slow Juicers.
VSJ843 (VSJ843RS / VSJ843RR / VSJ843QS / VSJ843QR / VSJ843QW)   vs   VRT400HDS   vs   VRT350 (VRT350HD / VRT350W)


arrow-bullet-red-solid.gifSTYLE: Triturating  > CATEGORY: Twin Gear

This is the premium juicer style for getting the highest nutrient dense yields with leafy greens and wide array of produce. This style also offers extra functionality making it a complete nutrition system capable of doing some food processing creations such as nut butters and sorbets.

Compare Omega Twin Gear Juicers TWN30S (silver) and TWN30R (red)

TWN30S (silver model) and TWN30R (red model)




arrow-bullet-red-solid.gifSTYLE: Centrifugal Juicers > CATEGORY: No Pulp Ejectors

Get fast juice making with 20 to 30% higher yields. For those of you that prefer high speed juice extraction but value higher juice yields from each pound of produce, than a premium centrifugal with no pulp ejector could be the best juicer for you.

Compare difference between Omega 9000 and Omega 1000 Centrifugal No Pulp Ejecting Juicers
Omega 1000 vs Omega 9000


arrow-bullet-red-solid.gifSTYLE: Centrifugal Juicers > CATEGORY: Pulp Ejectors

Enjoy more juice in less time. These fast juice makers combine high speed juicing with the convenience of continuous output. If you like the ability to make large volumes of fast made juice without needing to stop and remove pulp, one of these could be the best juicer for you.

Compare Pulp Ejecting Centrifugals: Mega Mouth OMG500S, Omega 4000 and the Mini Omega 02 Pulp Ejector
OMG500S vs Omega 4000 vs Omega 02





arrow-bullet-red-solid.gifSTYLE: Reamer > CATEGORY: Electrical Citrus Reamer

Citrus juicers are optimised to be awesome at the one task of juicing citrus fruits such as: oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit. Want to create large or small batches of premium fresh squeezed orange juice, or other citrus extracts incredibly fast and easy? Compare these premium electric citrus reamers to see which could be the best fit for you.

Compare Omega C-20C (Chrome) and Omega Professional Model C-10W Citrus Juicers
Omega C-20C vs Omega C-10W




  1. Overview - Juicer Buying Guide
  2. Learn (about Types of Electronic Juicing Systems)
  3. Identify (your Juicing Requirements and Preferences in a juicer)
  4. Compare Juicers (compare products in the type of juicing system that is the closest match to likes/preferences and requirements. view comparisons of top products for relevant systems. now find the best juicer that is right for you).