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Identify Best Blender For You

Identify What is the Best Blender Qualities To Suit You

Step 2: Identify

Identify - What are the top qualities you want in your blender?

Shopping for blenders and evaluating blender jar add-on options? Ask yourself the questions provided here, to help you get clarity on features that you may or may not need or want. When you get clear on what your looking for, this helps you identify what blending appliance and possible accessories are worth your time considering and comparing.

What do you want from your Premium Blender?

Want to Find the Best Blender for You? Ask Questions.Questions to ask yourself when shopping for your premium blender.

Note your answers to the following questions, your answers will help you in the next section that directs you to only compare products that closely match your wants/needs.

  • What do I intend to mostly make with my blender?
  • Do I want lots of handy pre-sets so I get a perfect blend and can use my time to work on other tasks? If so which pre-sets would I appreciate most?
  • Do I want good or out of this world fine detail manual speed control?
  • Appearance - Do I like classic good looks or more sleek and modern?
  • Do I want a specific colour to match my personality or kitchen décor?
  • What price fits my budget? Tricky question, as cheap blenders are most likely to be much more expensive due to breakage and non-warranty replacing.
  • Do I want quality assurance with a manufacture clearly confident in their product? EX: Greater than 2 years warranty and the more the better?

If you are new to blending and excited to start blending smoothies, soups, sauces, batters, ice creams and / or other fast, tasty, delicious and healthy delights, chances are you are a little uncertain as to which blender to buy and why.

If you have been blending for many years and are currently shopping for a blender, you are more than likely, one of the many with a similar story of having gone through many blenders and have been disappointed with them all. They either burned-out quickly or produced very poor and unreliable results.  

Whether newbie or experienced with blending, we got you covered. The first step to getting the best blender for you, is getting clear and identify what you need and want. Ready to start? Get your thinking cap on and let the questions begin.


Which Blender Jar or Jars are Right for You?

When you buy your blender it should come with one all purpose blending jar. But, is one jar enough for you?

Depending on what your intended blending uses are and volume size of your creations, you may need, and appreciate the benefits of getting more than one of all purpose type blending jars, or one or more specialty jars.

What Blending Jug or Pitcher is for you. And how many?Questions to ask yourself when considering blender jars.

Note your answers to the following questions, your answers will help you in the next section that directs you to only compare products that closely match your wants/needs.

  • Do I intend to make both small and large batches of blends that can be well prepared by a general all purpose blending jar? Or will I frequently make small batches that would be better prepared with a smaller jar. Consider, a small batch may not blend as well or as fast if volume is so low it will be largely under the blade resulting in the blade not making contact with much of the blend contents.
  • Do I intend to make small thick blends such as nut butters or small and very thick sauces or smoothies? If so, a small blend jar that is optimized for thick blending and smaller quantity may be best to have.
  • Do I intend to make multiple blends at a time for either meals or to serve multiple smoothies or soups? If so, purchasing multiple appropriately sized blending jars for such use would be ideal.
  • If considering buying multiple blending jars, are they designed to be stackable so as to be space saving storage friendly?
  • What material are the blending jars made of and are they food safe BPA Free?
  • Do the jars have the assurance of quality material for longevity, indicated with more than a 1-year warranty for a wearable part.

Ready to get started on finding the best blender for you? Great!
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