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Compare Blenders

Step 3 - Compare Best Blenders and Jars

Step 3: Compare

Easily Compare Blendtec Blenders and Blending Jars

Compare top high powered / premium blender appliances along with choice of blending jar options so you can easily PICK the Best Blender Model and Best Blending Jar (or jars) that is right for you.

Compare Top Most Relevant Blenders

Comparing Blenders - How to pick the right blender for you? Consider what kind of blends and recipes you imagine making.

If your primary blending interest is fast, healthy and delicious smoothies with occasional supplementary blended dishes like soups, frozen desserts, sauces or batters, and you appreciate both classic good looking design as well as the more modern design, then one of the following blenders could likely be the right fit for you.

Banner linking to a Blendtec Comparison Chart. Images of Blendtec Designer 675 vs 625 vs Classic 575 Models. All with WildSide Jars.
COMPARE: Designer 675 vs Designer 625 vs Classic 575 Blenders

Ready to Shop or Buy? View the Compared Designer Series and Classic Series Blenders in Store:
Designer 675 with WildSide+ Jar - Best for Beauty & Function. Plus: "Add 10", Clean, & ...
Designer 625 with WildSide+ Jar - Most Popular Pre-set Functions & Stunning Colour Palette
Classic 575 with WildSide+ Jar - Affordable Commercial Grade Blending - Choice of 6 Colours"
New Economical Classic Series "Blendtec Fit" - Most Affordable Commercial Grade Blending - In Black


If you are a chef or foodie and appreciate having the best blender out there in the market, value having more preprogrammed perfect blend preset convenience, more fine detailed manual controls, more leading edge technology enhancements and appreciate more modern sleek design, then one of these blenders will be good to compare and likely one will be the right fit.

Banner to Compare Blendtec Series 725 and 675 Models vs Professional Series Pro 750 and Pro 800 Model Blenders

COMPARE: Designer 725 vs Professional 800 vs Professional 750 vs Designer 675

Ready to Shop or Buy? View the Compared Designer Series and Professional Series Blenders in Store.
Designer 725 with WildSide+ Jar - Luxury Model - Most Advanced Blender
Professional 800 with WildSide+ Jar - Smart, Sleek, Sound Sealed Industrial Strength
Professional 750 with WildSide+ Jar - On or Built-into-Counter top Convertible for Customized Kitchens
Designer 675 with WildSide+ Jar - Perfect Combo of Beauty & Function. Includes "Add 10", Clean....

New 2018 Blendtec Designer 650 Blender with WildSide+ Jar - In 3 Finishes: Red, Black and Stainless Steel

Environment Specific Blender Requirements

Environment specific such as Do you require a quiet high powered blender? One that is commercial powered but does not have the LOUD ROAR that will be offensively loud to others nearby? For this environment sound dampening specific requirement, check and compare the following.

Picture of two Blendtec 800 Pro Blenders with WildSide+ Jar and the quiet dome.

VIEW: The Quiet Blendtec Professional 800


Do you seek an premium commercial grade blender for your custom designed kitchen and you want to have the blender built in counter appliance (also referred to as under counter mounted blender). For this design flexible requirement, check and compare the following.

Picture of the convertible Blendtec 750 Blender in both the on-countertop set-up and the install undercounter set-up

VIEW: The Versatile Blendtec Professional 750

A premium powered blender can really boost productivity in the kitchen, with making the process of creating healthy, tasty foods more fast, easy and enjoyable. For many this supports a positive lifestyle change. Whatever your priority is in getting a premium blender, choosing a premium blender that matches your needs and wants is certainly the best way to be most satisfied with the performance and value of your purchase.

Compare Top Most Relevant Blender Jars

When you buy your blender it should come with one all purpose blending jar (also referred to as a pitcher). But is this one jar enough for you? Depending on what your intended blending uses are and volume size of your blending creations, you may need or benefit from getting more than one all purpose type blending jar, or different sizes, or one or more specialty jars. Consider the following scenario options and see if applicable to you.

If you intend to make sticky blends like nut butter or thick sauces like humus more than occasionally, than take a look at the Twister jars. They are designed with side wipers that free sticky ingredients from jar walls so that content is pulled into the blending blade for consistent texture blends.

While general all purpose jars can make these as well, the twisters are designed to perform this task faster, easier (no stopping to scrap side walls) and without need to bulk up recipes. The two Twister jars below are the same technology, just optimal for different volume blends.

Due to volume load, the larger Twister Jar, may also serve to make personal sized thick smoothies, where as the Mini Twister Jar would be undersized for such a task.  If small thick blending could be one of your favourite blends, then check out and compare, these blender jar options.

Compare Blendtec Twister Jar Mini vs Twister Jar for your thick blending recipes

COMPARE: Mini Twister Jar vs Twister Jar

Ready to Shop or Buy? View these Compared Blendtec Jars in Store.
Twister Jar - Make thick blends faster & easier
Mini Twister Jar - Make smaller size thick blends faster & easier

If you intend to make multiple blends at the same time and would like to be able to keep blends in the container so all can be made ready one after the other and served up together, then multiple blending jars could prove very helpful.

Additionally, depending on volume of blend projects, having different sized jars, may be very helpful as well. One example of this would be if you were making 3 different types of smoothies, soups, sauces or ice cream. Two blend pitchers (also known as jars) made blend recipes large enough for persons to have more than one serving, and one blend pitcher made a small volume blend recipe. You put all three out for your family or group to self serve. The one small volume sized blend was made in the smaller sized jar that was optimal for the task .

If this or other multiple jar usage scenario could be you, then check out and compare these blender jars.

Banner for Blendtec Jar Comparing of the WildSide+ vs FourSide vs Mini WildSide Blending Jars

COMPARE: WildSide+ Jar vs Mini WildSide Jar vs FourSide Jar

Ready to Shop or Buy? View the Compared Blendtec Jars in Store.
WildSide+ Jar - 90 ounce Capacity. Measurements up to 36 oz. Patented 5th side
FourSide Jar - 75 oz. Capacity. Measurements up to 32 oz. FourSide Revolutionary.
Mini WildSide Jar - 46 oz. Capacity. Measurements up to 24 oz. Patented 5th side

This completes the Blender and Jar Option Compare Section, that gives you product comparison groups for different types of buyer needs and wants. If you have questions and would like assistance, we would be happy to help via chat, email or phone.