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  • WildSide +Blender Jar for Blendtec Blenders
  • WildSide+ jars are stack-able. Smart space saving design lets you stack multiple jars for easy and and convenient storage.
  • Blender blade built into jar. Blade is 80% thicker and 10% stronger than other blender blades on the market. Blade is blunt not sharp, so as it spins at 300 mph it pulverizes instead of of chip. Smart design that does not use a sharp blade, makes it safe and easy to clean.
  • Large blending jar provides multiple convenient and easy to see measurements, including: cups, ounces, millimeters and centimeters.
  • Includes patented "Vented Gripper Lid". Innovative specially designed lid provides both added safety features and convenience. With the Vented Gripper Lid, add solid or liquid ingredients on-the-fly during blends via the removable centre plug or opt to pour liquids through vent holes without removing the centre plug. Enjoy added safety and convenience, when making hot liquid blends as steam gases safely release through lid vent holes.

Blendtec WildSide+ Jar


Product Description

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The blending jar of choice for larger and faster blends.

The WildSide+ jar pairs with your Blendtec blender to deliver faster, smoother blends for your larger loads.

It's the jar that revolutionized high-speed blending with its leading edge unique blending technology. Unlike other blending jars on the market, the WildSide+ features an a narrow fifth, or “wild,” side paired with an extra- wide base. The design changes the angle of the blending vortex which produces a powerful cyclonic action; making challenging blend ingredients like frozen produce to blend faster, smoother and resist issues such as cave forming above the blade.   

The features of  the WildSide+ jar make incredibly versatile and exceptionally proficient for typical blending tasks as well as more specialized blends, like bread dough. The result: dramatically improved blending performance that helps create a faster, smoother blends. The 90oz capacity, provides scalability to accommodate larger volume blends.

How Will It Benefit You?

WildSide Jar the most effective blending jar. Excellent for smoothies, green drinks, bread dough and ice cream. Blending Performance

    • Patented fifth side allows for bigger, faster blends better
    • Increases blending efficiency for frozen ingredients by up to 25%
    • two vertical ridges on interior walls disrupt the blending pattern even further and accelerate the blend.


    • Lightweight material for easy lifting and pouring
    • 3 corners for simple pouring at multiple angles
    • Easy-to-read jar markings up to 36 ounces
    • jars are designed to be stackable, making storage a snap
    • Lid That Doesn’t Get in the Way – openings in the lid so you can add ingredients on the fly without even removing the lid
    • Compatible with all Blendtec consumer blenders (not compatible with Blendtec mixers)

Safe and Strong

    • BPA-free
    • Made from durable, long-lasting and impact-resistant Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
    • Blunt safety blade is 80% thicker and ten times stronger than other blades
    • Non-sharp blade makes cleaning safe and simple
    • Vented Gripper™ lid allows the steam to escape while blending hot soups.

The WildSide+ is ideal for:

  • Larger blends
  • High-volume recipes
  • Bread dough
  • Smoothies
  • Dips and Batters


  • Capacity: 90 oz. or with measurements up to 36 oz*.
    (Alternate measurements: will hold up to ~9.37 cups and displays measurements up to ~ 4.4 cups)
    * Recommend that finished blended product stay at or below this line
  • Jar Dimensions: 5.37" wide x 9" tall x 5.37" deep; 4.63" wide/deep just above the base.
    (Alternate measurements:13.64 cm wide x 22.86 cm deep, 11.76 cm wide/deep just above base)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 7" wide x 9.5" tall x 7" deep
    (Alternate measurements:17.78 cm wide x 24.13cm tall, 17.78 deep)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs. (approximately 0.7 kilograms)
  • 3-year warranty

Package includes:

  • WildSide+® jar  (SKU: 40-630-50)
  • Vented Gripper™ lid


  • The WildSide+ jar with SKU: 40-630-50 is the same jar as the WildSide+ Jar with SKU: 40-615-53. The difference is that the WildSide+ with SKU: 40-630-50 is in a plain brown box (in our experience always with the Blendtec logo in black printed on the box) whereas the WildSide+ with SKU: 40-615-53 is in a full colour retail box. 
  • Is there a reason for having a plain box and colour box version?
    • Just that the plain box is for online procuring and the traditional colour box is for physical retail store purchasing. 
    • This applies to the other blender jar models as well.







Product Videos

Product Videos

Warranty Information

3-Year Warranty

Other Details

Optimal for what type of recipes:
General all purpose
Recipe portion size suitability:
Large-volume recipes
90 oz (2.66 L), with measurements up to 36 oz (1.07 L)
Jar Dimensions:
5.37" wide x 9" tall x 5.37" deep; 4.63" wide/deep just above the base
1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)
Compatible With:
All Blendtec Consumer Blender Models
Vented Gripper™ lid

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