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  • Omega 4000 and 02 continuous pulp-ejection juicers

Omega 4000 Juicer

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The Omega 4000 centrifugal no pulp ejection juicer, is powerful, stylish, durable & easy to clean. Reliable with 15-yr warranty. Featuring: new larger feed chute & 1lb blade & basket.

Omega’s 4000 Juicer (aka J4000 or model 4000) outperform other high capacity pulp ejecting continuous juicers with efficiency, style, ease of cleaning and use. Highly durable and dependable.

The Good

  • Attractive Design – Stainless steel with white top and base finish
  • Easy to clean in and out- Smooth surgical steel bowl. Design boasts a beautiful polished mirror finish on the outside and sandblasted interior finish for super easy cleaning.
  • Durable – Heavy gauge surgical stainless steel blade and parts. The blade is so heavy duty strong, it alone outweighs the combined basket and blade of most other juicers.
  • Powerful - 1/3 horsepower commercial induction, 5200 RPM permanent magnet motor, optimized for superior efficiency.
  • Superior balance. Omega engineering optimized RPMs, mesh size and basket dimension (angle, diameter and clearance) for optimal juice yielding.
  • Assurance of Quality – With 15-year warranty (longest in the industry).
  • Cheaper than the slow juicers
  • Has Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval for both household and commercial use. Most other juicers only have household approval.  
  • Quieter than the smaller 02 model

The Bad

  • Louder than slow cold press juicers
  • Lower juice quality than slow juicers. High speeds increase oxidation
  • Not as high yielding as slow cold pressed juicers with leafy greens and wheatgrass

How will it benefit you?

  • Fast – Less preparation cutting to fit new larger feed chute
  • Easy– to assemble, disassemble, operate and clean
  • High yielding – Excels at hard produce such as: apples, beets, carrots
  • Small Footprint – Compact design
  • Attractive design – Polished surgical stainless steel complimented with white top and base
  • Peace of mind –15 Year warranty 

Bottom Line

For those looking for centrifugal pulp ejecting juicers and intend to mostly juice hard produce, the J4000 may the juicer for you. Very affordable, well suited for centrifugal enthusiasts and or those looking to start juicing on a budget.

However, for those that are seeking a centrifugal juicer with higher juice yields and less food preparation (cutting work), then the new: “Omega Mega Mouth OMG500S Juicer” is likely the better value buy.  

Also for those intending to juice more greens, wheatgrass, or wanting less oxidation for more nutrition dense juice, you will likely prefer a vertical or horizontal slow pressed juicer.

Get Clear!

To be clear you are selecting the best and most suitable juicer for your needs and preferences with this style of juicer, compare with other centrifugal  pulp ejectors, by viewing the following: Compare Omega 4000 vs other Omega (Continuous Juicing/Pulp Ejecting) Centrifugal Juicers

If you are not sure what category of juicers is for you, get clear on types, styles and categories now. It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Check out the Juicer Buying Guide Now





Product Videos

Omega o2 4000 bmj330 Centrifugal Ejection Juicer Comparison 25:43

John from compares the Omega o2 , Omega 4000 and Omega BMJ330 which is the same as the BMJ390 Juicers. After watching this video, you will have a better understanding of how these juicers are the same and how they are different. In addition, you will learn which juicer will reign supreme when juicing 1 pound of baby carrots.

  • Omega o2 4000 ...
    John from compares the Omega o2...

Warranty Information

15-Year Warranty

Other Details

Juicer Type:
High Speed Juicer
Juicer Style:
Juicer Category:
Pulp Ejection
Manufacturer Generation Level:
Rotational Speed:
5200 RPM
15 Years
Noise Level:
Ease of Cleanup:
Very Easy
Juice Quality:
Juice Optimum Shelf Life:
24 Hours
Continuous Juicing:
1/3 HP Induction Motor
250 Watts
9" W x 15" D x 12½" H (229mm W x 381mm D x 318mm H)
11.5lb / 5.2kg
Feed Chute Shape and Size:
Rectangle (1.75" x 1.25")

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