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  • The Professional 800 Blender by Blendtec with WildSide+ Jar.  Quietest and most powerful blending (1800 watts).
  • High Powered Blender done quieter by sound enclosing dome. Quiet enough to have a normal conversation when running. 
Operating at the sound level of normal conversation, the Professional 800 is the quietest, most capable blender in the world.
  • Control panel for the Blendtec 800 model blender (AKA: Pro800), is a smooth sleek, advanced technology capacitive touch screen interface.  
Offers 6 presets, including: batters, mixed drinks, smoothies, frozen treats, hot soup, and whole juice. 
Comprehensive manual speed control with 11 speeds via a easy finger slide left or right.

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender - Quiet Blending Sound Enclosed

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Product Description

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Experience all the industrial-strength power and performance of a commercial blender, paired with a smart, sleek, sealed sound enclosure for a blend so quiet you can enjoy a normal conversation.

The Professional 800 is known as “The Worlds Quietest Blender”. Through Stealth technology, it delivers tremendous power and performance without the roar common to other blenders. Thanks to innovative proprietary sound dampening technology, you can have commercial grade power without commercial grade noise! Enjoy the freedom to whip up early morning breakfast smoothies or late at night mixed drinks at a comfortable sound.

Premium features include: 3.8 peak horsepower motor, illuminated capacitive touch interface, 6-preprogrammed cycles, 11- Speed Capacitive Touch Slider + Pulse, blend time count down, and fantastic industry leading 10-year warranty (home use).

How Will It Benefit You?

QUIETER with Innovative Stealth Technology: Engineered for quieter blending operation. Unique sleek and sealed sound enclosing dome that rests over the blender which effectively reduces blend run noise. The premium sound reduction means that your ears will not be assaulted by offensively loud noise when the blender is in use.

POWER: Powerful 3.8 peak horsepower motor, ensures you can easily tackle any tough high intensity blend tasks like frozen ice, frozen fruit or raw hard vegetables, without straining the motor. Having a powerful HP motor, is very important for blending performance and blender longevity. Non premium blenders with weak motors that are repeated strained are more susceptible to wear down and expire after their short 1-year or 2-year warranty.

EASE OF USE: Intuitive illuminated control panel.

    • Preset cycles. Via the Illuminated Touch Screen, access intuitive easy to see and understand icons to illustrate the 6 preprogrammed cycles that effortlessly create the perfect blend every time with just a tap and it is taken care of for you. Preprogrammed cycles include:
      1. Smoothie
      2. ice cream/frozen treats
      3. whole juice
      4. hot soup
      5. batters
      6. mixed drinks.
    • Easily freestyle blend with an 11 speed manual control. Easily slide of your finger from left to right to increase or decrease speed or choose Pulse option. Enjoy manual controls to make any culinary creative to your exacting preferences with slide finger ease.

Easy Presets for Making Blends - Super Easy! And Slider Speed Control Panel

  • Easily fits under kitchen cabinets. No need to remove from counter and store in cabinets when not in use.

EASY TO CLEAN: Designed to be easy to clean both inside and out.

  • Inside jar containers, choice of blend clean or manual. To blend clean, just add some water, dish washing liquid and a quick blend, followed with a rinse. To clean blender manually (such as may be preferred for very sticky blends) just wash with sponge, water and dish soap. Hands can go in and around blunted blade safely to release any blend remains.
  • Outside blender, simply just damp wipe the blender base and touch screen.


  • Blunted Blade. The Blendtec blending blade is uniquely different than other blenders. The blade is made of cold forged steel that is 80% thicker and 10x stronger than other blender blades. The design is blunt with no sharp edges. The blunted blade is not only safer for handling and cleaning (unlike typical blenders that have sharp blades), the blunt blade design is superior for blending the high intensity tasks. The blunt blade pulverizes and liquefies rather than chipping away at tough blend ingredients like ice and frozen fruit.
  • All Blendtec Jars (ex: FourSide, WildSide, Mini-WildSide, Twister, Mini-Twister) are BPA Free as well as BSA Free.
  • Steam Releasing Lid. Super convenient and smartly designed patented Gripper Lid. Comes with blender jar. Designed with removable centre plug and path with vent holes. The venting feature allows hot blending steam pressure to safely escape when making hot blends.

PEACE OF MIND: 10-year warranty. Covers against wear, tear and defect on blender. Same warranty applies on accompanying jar included.

***** NOTES *****
* Warranty is for home consumer home use ONLY. Commercial usage voids the warranty.  Blendtec says: "If this product has more than 3,000 cycles in a year, it will be presumed to have been for commercial purposes".  Blendtec warranty details here:
* If you want the amazing professional performance of the Blendtec 800 but want a warranty that meets the needs of commercial volume use, check out the: Blendtec Stealth 885 Commercial Blender.
* Want to see a comparison in machine specs between the home vs the commercial rated model? See how they compare here:  Blendtec Professional 800 vs the Blendtec Stealth 885 Blender
The Blendtec Professional 800 is also known as: Model P800, Blendtec 800, Pro 800

Bottom Line - Is this the best blender for you?

The Blendtec Professional 800 is without doubt, the perfect blender, when quietness is a must. Great for apartments or early morning blends, when you do not wish to disturb everyone in the vicinity.  The Pro 800 is the absolute best blender when entertaining. Create delicious and intriguing beverages that your guests will marvel at, without disturbing their conversations. Experience the fusion of power, performance and quietness! Blending excellence without compromise!

Features / Specifications

  • 3.8 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
  • 6 preprogrammed cycles
  • 11-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse
  • BPA-free jar with vented Gripper™ lid
  • Stealth Technology
  • Easy to Clean Design built in
  • Beautiful Design – Artfully Engineered
  • Vented Gripper Lid
  • Blunted blending blade much safer to clean
  • 10-year warranty (longest and most comprehensive in the industry).
  • Molded plastic finish
  • Colors: Black
  • Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 17.25" tall x 9.13" deep
  • Weight: 16.2 lbs.
  • 1800 watts, 15 amps, 120 volts

Package Includes

  • Professional 800 motor base
  • One BPA-Free jar WildSide+ jar with vented Gripper™ lid
  • Blending 101 quick-start guide and recipes

Product Videos

Why Blendtec? Blenders are our Passion! 01:15

Our purpose in life is to enrich and make lives better by creating The Worlds Most Advanced Blender. Our Made in the USA blenders are backed up with our industry leading warranty and an amazing customer service group. "Feed Your Passion" *The WildSide jar is no longer available for purchase. Please check out our new and improved WildSide+ jar:

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Warranty Information

10-year warranty

Other Details

World's Quietest Blender
Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
Speed Settings:
11-speed capacitive touch slider
Preprogrammed cycles:
6 preprogrammed cycles + Pulse
Timed Cycles 60 Seconds— hot soup, bread dough:
Timed Cycles 90 Seconds— hot soup, bread dough:
Clean — automatic cleaning cycle:
Pulse — used to quickly stir, chop, or mince at a high speed:
Smoothie — Fruit smoothies, green smoothies, milkshakes:
Whole Juice — juices, green drinks:
Ice Cream — ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets:
Hot Soup — soups, hot chocolate, syrups, fondues:
Dips — Salsa, dressings, dips, sauces, batters:
Batters — sauces, dips, dressings, batters:
Mixed Drinks — mixed drinks, milkshakes, crush ice:
+10 — adds 10 seconds to your preprogrammed cycles:
Molded plastic finish
3.8 peak horsepower motor
1800 Watts
15 amps, 120 volts
8.5" wide x 17.25" tall x 9.13" deep
16.2 lbs

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