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  • Omega Nutrition System Masticating Juicers: Model 8008 (Chrome Finish) AND Model 8007S (Silver Finish)
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Omega 8008C/8007S Nutrition System Juicer


Product Description

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Main upgrades of the Omega 8008C/8007S juicer and nutrition center over the previous generation 8006/8004 model: BPA Free, stainless steel screens & cosmetic refinements. This is Omega's 5th generation horizontal single gear low speed masticating juicer with dual stage extraction.

Designed for people who seek a greater variety in what they juice and want to have a juicer plus a nutrition center all in one system. Available in Silver (8007S) and Chrome (8008C).

The Good

The 8007S/8008C share the same benefits as all previous generation horizontal single gear nutrition centers offering high quality juicing and excellence with juicing leafy greens and wheatgrass.  In addition to this legacy of good and exemplary qualities, this generation offers the following upgrades:

  • BPA free – no parts have BPA plastic materials.
  • Newly redesigned screen. Unlike the previous generations, the 8007/8008 offers more durable material, with larger first and second stage screens, and both screens are made of durable stainless steel.
  • Cosmetic refinements: handle recessed for an attractive and sleeker body design

The Bad

As is typical with most horizontal juicers, the larger footprint may be an issue in kitchens with limited counter space.
Missing valuable time and output efficiency features offered in the newer next generation horizontal single gear NC800HD/NC900HD juicer and nutrition center. Such as:

  • Feed chute on the 8008C/8807S is not as large as on the later generation NC800/900. Larger feed chute provides an opportunity to achieve faster juice making in two ways.
    • More produce fits into feed chute at same time.
    • Less cutting to fit produce into feed chute.
  • The 8008C/8807S and earlier generations, have a standard end cap. The later model (NC900HD/800HD) introduced new technology which enables you to increase juice yield on a variety of produce via an adjusting endcap.

How will it benefit you?

High nutrition value - lower speed of 80 RPMs reduces heat build-up resulting in juice that is better equipped to keep its healthy enzymes intact, delays the oxidation process, and prolongs the juice's optimum shelf life.
Less Foaming – Juice extracted using this unit will tend to produce less foaming than twin gear models.
Multi-function – Very versatile nutrition center, that can be used for much more than just juicing

  1. Mincing and Chopping
  2. Grinding Coffee and Grains
  3. Frozen Dessert Maker
  4. Nut Butters - Make almond butter, peanut butter, sunflower seed butter and more
  5. Baby Foods
  6. Milk Extruder – Make nutritious nut milks from almonds, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts, or any other of your favorites. You can also make coconut milks
  7. Extrude Pasta

Easy to clean -. The screen’s design results in quicker clean up after juicing.
Quiet Operation – Low speed RPM auger is immensely more quiet than centrifugal units
Peace of mind - 15 Year warranty on all parts and labor.

The Bottom Line

A good quality juicer. Great upgrades over previous generations, especially the BPA free design and more durable stainless steel screens, and sleeker body design is a nice touch. However, for those seeking the most value from their juicing machine investment, the next generation model offers good upgrades that make economic sense for anyone intending to juice more than occasionally.

For the relatively small price difference between the 8007S and 8008C and the later NC800/900 Horizontal Single Gears, we feel the value to be had by the NC800/900 is the better buy.

To be clear you are selecting the best and most suitable juicer for your needs and preferences with this style of juicer, compare all the horizontal single gear generations, by viewing the following: Compare Horizontal Single Gears








Product Videos

Differences Between Omega 8004 8006 8007 8008 NC800 NC900 Juicers 19:33

John from compares and explains the differences between the different Omega horizontal single auger juicers. In this episode you will discover what similarities these juicers share, and what exactly makes them different. You will learn which juicer is the easiest to use, and which will make the most yield. You will also learn which produce items these style juicers are best at juicing, and which produce items they do not juice so well. After watching this episode, you will know which Omega horizontal single auger juicer is right for you if this is the style juicer you wish to purchase. To learn more and purchase the Omega 8004: To learn more and purchase the Omega 8007: To learn more and purchase the Omega NC800:

  • Differences Be...
    John from compares and explain...

Warranty Information

15-Year Warranty

Other Details

Juicer Type:
Slow Juicer (Cold Pressed)
Juicer Style:
Juicer Category:
Horizontal Single Gear
Manufacturer Generation Level:
Omega 5th Generation Horizonzontal Single Gear
Rotational Speed:
80 RPM
15 Years
Noise Level:
Ease of Cleanup:
Juice Quality:
Juice Optimum Shelf Life:
72 Hours
Continuous Juicing:
Gear Reduction Equivalent of 2 HP Motor
150 Watts
6½” W x 14½” D x 15½” H (165mm W x 368mm D x 394mm H)
13lb / 5.9kg
Feed Chute Shape and Size:
Circle (1.5" Dia.)
Chrome, Silver

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