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  • Omega Juice Cube and Nutrition System. Latest cold pressed slow juicing technology in Horizontal Category of Juicers. Clean and compact design makes this a must have for those seeking lastest and greatest technology in a smaller and attractive design. Once released it will be offered in a silver colour finish.
  • Delicious, healthy and nutrition dense wheatgrass juicing via the CUBE300S. Available for sale in Canada. Now you can now have excellent taste, style and modern multi-function nutrition center in a compact size to appoint your kitchen counter!
  • Juicing hard vegetabels like carrots with ease. Juicing funnel is large enough for multiple carrots to be fed in at the same time.
  • Extracting carrot juice with the cube300s. Maximizing nutrition by extracting via latest horizontal cold pressed slow style juicing technology (enzyme rich, low oxidation).
  • Front view of the new cube300s - Omega's newest  horizontal juicer model. The rounded square juicer requires minimal counter top space and extracts high quality nutrient dense juice via cold pressed slow juicing style technology of the horizontal design category.
  • Back view reveals a handy storage compartment to hold your juicer and nutrition system parts. Another example of maximizing space efficiency and function in a sleek clean design.
  • Back view of silver cube300s with compartment door open and associated parts stored in it.
  • Top down view of the smart and sleek silver omega cube300S. A square shape with rounded edges with a silver, clear and black colour palette.
  • View The Juice Cube open, expanded and ready to make juice. Trays are in position. On left side is your produce holiding tray, in the center top is the feed chute, in the center directly under the horizontal extractor is the screened (secondary fine pulp collector) juice bowl, and to the right is the container that collects ejected pulp. All set in ready position. Now just bring on your choice of the leafy greens, veggies and or fruit.
  • Top down front view of the CUBE300s expanded. The compact design expands easily. Notice juicing and nutritiion center parts included when expanded. Nozzle parts are stored in a recessed doored compartment in back of machine.
  • Side top front view of the Juice Cube expanded with included parts in view. Easy to open and position bins (holding tray, pulp collector, and pulp filtered juice bowl). Other parts such as plunger, screen cleaning brush, feed chute, and array of nozzles included shown. Back nozzle storage compartment in back.

Omega CUBE300S Silver Juice Cube and Nutrition System

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Product Description

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The Juice Cube by Omega Juicers, introduces a new compact sleek modern design for a single auger horizontal juicer and Nutrition System.

This beautiful eye-catching design offers more than top notch nutrition rich high quality juices. It also does a variety of other tasks such as make pasta, sorbet, grind coffee beans and more, that earn it the title of also being a nutrition system. Designed to be compact, reduce need for counter top space while offering superior and latest masticating style juicing in the horizontal juicers category.

Why do you want the Omega CUBE300S?

Because you'll be able to enjoy nutritious and delicious 80 RPM slow cold-pressed dual stage masticating extracted premium juices that you long for. Whether you like to create your own juicing recipes or follow some tried and true well known ones, or embrace simplicity with easy delicious and nutritious raw single ingredient juices like celery juice, carrot juice, and wheatgrass. It all yours on demand when you take home your Omega CUBE300S. And not only does it do the slow cold juice extracts you long for, but it the nutrition center makes you healthy, tasty and amazingly fresh deliciousness in many ways  such as nut butters, dairy free milks (ex: almond milk, coconut milk), baby food purees (ex: squash, applesauce, banana-pineapple) and more. Besides all the practical healthy tasty reasons for having the CUBE300S, you know it will look so beautiful appointing your kitchen counter! 

Have Questions? We are here to help. Just reach out to via phone or email to get your questions answered.

Top Question.

Wondering how this compares to other horizontal juicers. If you are you most keen on a Omega Horizontal Juicer, just not certain which type of juicer is best for you and on the fence, then be sure to check out the Juicers Buying Guide, (click here >>) Why? Because different style juicers are optimized for certain types of juicing functions. If you know what you want to juice most often then you can choose the type of juice extraction system that is optimized for those juice extraction tasks. The Juicers Buying Guide is a short read that will help confirm what type of juicer is optimal for your intended juicing tasks.

Now, if you are already clear on juicing systems, and know that the horizontal style juice extraction technology is the best for what you'll juice most often, then you may want to compare this beautiful Juicing CUBE300S to some other amazing premium horizontals by Omega Juicers.  That way you'll be clear you have chosen the best Omega Horizontal Juicer that is right for your juicing practice. 

Here are some other top Omega horizontals that are high yielding multi-functional horizontal juicers.

  • The New Omega NC1000HD Nutrition Center (silver finish colour model called: NC1000HDS)
    The NC1000HD Nutrition System is Omega Juicers' 7th generation Horizontal Single Auger juicer. It is Omega's replacement for their popular NC800HD /900HD juicers (next bullet point below). Offering all the same qualities of the previous models such as an adjustable endcap for varying back-pressure and bigger feed chute all in a new body styling AND SO MUCH MORE!! Enjoy extracting juice with higher juice yields, less prep time, and the latest slow juicing, low RPM cold juicing horizontal single auger technology. It comes with a higher wattage motor (200 watts) power, plus both the stage 1 an 2 juicing screens are now stainless steel and it has a reset button! All this encased in an updated design. Like the previous 6th generation NC800HDS and NC900HDC horizontal nutrition centers, the NC1000HD was developed for health-conscious people who require more than just a juicer and appreciate optimizing counter-top real estate with a multi-function food nutrition center. Not only does it excel at juicing vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass juicing, but it also makes nut butters, grinds coffee and spices, minces herbs and garlic, makes baby foods, frozen desserts, extrude pasta shapes as well as make non-dairy milks such as soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and more. 
  • Omega NC800 & NC900 Single Auger Horizontal Juicer Models
    For the slow juicing, cold juicing, masticating and single gear juice extractor fans, there is the 8000 Series line NC800 and NC900 models, including: NC800HDS (silver body), NC800HDR (red body - but the colour red is discontinued at the moment) and NC900HDC (premium chrome body) horizontals. This series is a high performer single auger (aka: single gear) horizontal juicer product line that is more than a slow juicer juicer, it is a complete nutrition system.  Style wise, it is a horizontal masticating cold/ slow juicer, that slowly squeezes juice extract out of your fresh fruit, vegetables, and leafy greens like wheatgrass, spinach and kale. It features 5 control settings to adjust pressure for different produce to enable higher extraction yield efficiency and pulp control. It comes with 6 different nozzles so that it can make more than juice, it can turn nuts into nut butters, extrude pasta (great for those making their own gluten free pasta), grind coffee and spices, make baby food, mince herbs/spices, make dairy free milks like soy milk and almond milk and more. To learn more about this well known and proven performer (featured at the 2013 IHA). 
  • Omega TWN30S (Silver) Twin Auger Horizontal Juicers
    For the twin gear juice extractor fans, there is the TWN30. A premium twin auger (aka: twin gear/ two gears) horizontal juicer.  It comes in silver (TWN30S). It used to also be available in red (TWN30R) but at time of this writing, that colour was discontinued by the manufacturer.  Juicing with two gears/ two augers means juice extraction is done by a "triturating" juicing technology action that crushes, mixes and squeezes to release vibrant juice richer in nutrients and minerals. Juicing process is easier as produce self feeds with the inward rotation of the gears. The TWN30 has an adjusting knob that lets you control how much tension you want on your produce, so you can optimize tension on produce being juiced to extract more yield in juice. The dual gear design requires less pre-cutting which reduces preparation time to make juice. This juicer model is great for extracting juice from fruits, veggies, leafy greens, wheatgrass, micro-greens and herbs.

Do you want a side by side juicer comparison view of the spec's? Here you go. See all four juicers with their technical specifications, click: comparison between the Omega CUBE300S vs NC1000HDS vs NC800HDS vs NC900HDC 

If you have questions about this juicer or wonder what juicer is best for your juicing needs, budget and or suitability for your counter top space, please contact us via phone or email. We are always happy to help :) 




Product Videos

CUBE300S Juice Cube and Nutrition Center 02:13

Low speed juicer and nutrition system. Make fresh juices and nut milks, nut butters, fruit sorbets, baby food, extrude gluten-free pasta, mince herbs. All parts included! Shop the Omega Juice Cube here:

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Warranty Information

15 Years

Other Details

Juicer Type:
Slow Juicer (Cold Pressed)
Juicer Style:
Juicer Category:
Horizontal Single Gear
Manufacturer Generation Level:
Omega`s 7th Generation Horizonzontal Single Gear
Rotational Speed:
80 RPM
15 Years
Noise Level:
Ease of Cleanup:
Juice Quality:
Juice Optimum Shelf Life:
72 Hours
Continuous Juicing:
200 Watts
10.43” W x 10.24” D x 10.24” L ( 265mm W x 260mm D x 260mm L)
20lb / 9kg
Feed Chute Shape and Size:
1.75 X 1.5

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